When you decide to buy a house, it’s easy to rush out and start looking for homes for sale right then and there. It’s exciting being able to walk around an open house and imagine that your couch is below the window in the living room, or that you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But before you can even mentally move into a potential home you’re in love with, there are some steps that need to be completed. One of those steps is getting pre-approved for a home loan. Don’t think it’s necessary? Here are some reasons why it’s essential.

Stronger Buyer

When thinking about pre-approval for a mortgage, you have to think about it from the bank’s perspective. As a bank, would you loan someone $300,000 if you didn’t think they could pay it back? So when you want to put in an offer on a home without being pre-approved, the seller will want to be sure that they aren’t wasting their time with an offer that could potentially fall through if the bank doesn’t loan the money.

Homes For Sale HoustonAre You Really Ready to Buy a House?

To be pre-approved for a mortgage, you need proof of income, good credit, proof of assets, and proof of employment. Going through this process helps you fully understand what price range you can shop in and the sort of mortgage payments you can expect down the road. If either of these factors isn’t satisfactory, consider pausing the house hunt.


When you can present an offer on a home for sale that is backed by a pre-approval, you could have an advantage over people who aren’t pre-approved. Terms of the sale can get you a better interest rate, could have certain things about the house repaired, and more.

Faster Closing

The sooner you go through the closing process, the sooner you’ll be able to cook up a storm in the kitchen! When your lender has all of the necessary financial information, this will help speed up the closing process, which can be quite the experience.

Looking for homes for sale should be fun and exciting! But it can be incredibly disappointing when you fall in love with a house that banks won’t loan you the money for.

If you have any questions about getting pre-approved, get in touch with an experienced Houston real estate agent today.